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Our dreams are about sport. Our vision is about sport. Our world is sport.

Adrienn, graduated as a Physical Education and English Literature and Language teacher, in Hungary, 2006.

In the last 15 years, she has been competing for the Hungarian National Jump Rope Team and won several World and European Championshiops, setting up a World Record in consecutive triple unders.

As a former professional handball player, she could use the advantage of her excellent physical condition and coordinational skill resulting from her jump rope background. She started to give jump rope trainings to handball and basketball players in Hungary, in the last ten years she has been teaching jump rope all over the world.

Since 2006, she has been devoting more and more time to improve the fitness level of others, being part of a Canadian program, called Jump into Fun and Fitness. Adrienn is also a qualified personal trainer, a pilates ,bosu, power plate and gravity instructor.

Since 2010, she is an artist of Cirque du Soleil, her solo skipping act appeared in New York City, Madison Square Garden, in their winter show called Wintuk. And at the moment, she is working for Cirque as a promotional artist for the show called Quidam.

Adrienn is giving jump rope workshops and conditional trainings to professional athletes, public and children as well, in different parts of the world, and she performs her solo skipping act in special events.

However, she is always ready to take new challenges

"Endurance and speed training helped me to take my performance to higher level. It was one of the most effective training programs I’ve tried. It kept me focused all the time."
Winsome Frazier Telekom Baskets Bonn

"It is a great program, we really enjoyed the rope skipping practices. It has given us different and more effective ways of training. My students definitely improved a lot, their coordination and condition was remarkably better after the skipping practices."
Prof. a c. Mario Di Carlo, Ph. D. Faculty of Exercise and Sport Sciences M.I.U.R. - Education Sector University of Bologna

"We always use the jump rope at our practices but I have never thought that it could be done at a higher level. I definitely recommend the program to everyone, you can improve your condition and coordination at the same time, and you will enjoy it as well."
Gergo Woller European Wrestling Champion

"Amazing program, enjoyable, effective, creative and versatile, you have to try it to believe it."
University of Maribor
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"This Hungarian-born jump roper has skipped rope for almost half her life. She first got into the sport through her father -- who always strengthened the importance of physical fitness. She’s won three world championships and five European championships during her time with the National Skipping Team." "The sheer abandon of skipping rope masks the deft skill and dexterity that Adrienne and her fellow performers display in their beautifully choreographed skipping rope routines which charm and dazzle audiences." "I love Cirque du Soleil and one of my favorite acts is the skipping rope act. I had a chance to interview Adrienn Banhegyi who is simply amazing! She takes us through her training, her life on the road, and how she has skipped her way into the hearts of Quidam audiences." "I was fortunate enough to see a demonstration of the skipping ropes act from the upcoming show courtesy of 27-year-old Hungarian born Adrienn Banhegyi, who has been practicing the art for over half her life. Her charisma and talent were unscathed by the demanding media schedule; of course this is common for her. After a layover in Philadelphia and a 4:00 AM wakeup call for makeup, (not to mention a full morning of interviews) Adrienn was ready to give us a special preview on the rooftop terrace of the Ritz-Carlton Residences Inner Harbor." "Adrienn drží několik světových i evropských rekordů - například s maďarským týmem získala zápis do Guinnessovy knihy rekordů za 56 hodin nepřetržitého skákání. Rope skipping učila po celém světě, například v Austrálii, Kanadě, USA a v mnoha evropských městech. Adrienn i její dvě sestry jsou členkami věhlasného souboru Cirque du Soleil" "Kurzy pro dospělé i děti zde totiž povede Adrienn Banhegyi – mistryně světa, držitelka rekordu zapsaného v Guinnessově knize a členka světoznámého Cirque du Soleil" "The first time jump roper Adrienn Banhegyi was in Windsor she was promoting physical fitness in schools. Banhegyi returned to Windsor this week as part of Cirque du Soleil."

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Ing. David Mansfeld – Business Manager

Mgr. Adrienn Banhegyi – Fitness Instructor

Adrienn has been giving conditional training for top athletes in different parts of the world in the last 6 years. She started jump rope classes with sport university students in Hungary, they could improve their condition and coordination by incorporating jump rope into their training programs. She has been coaching professional athletes in the last 6 years, teaching them the best jump rope exercises helping to achieve their goals.

Adrienn, several times World and European Champion rope skipper, as a former professional handball player and Physical Education Teacher has developerd specific jump rope training programs, adjusted to athletes‘ needs, enabling them to use jump rope in the most beneficial way for their sake of their sports.

Her programs are hi;ghly recommended for those who seek challenges and want to improve their coordination and condition in a creative way. Adrienn‘s jump rope trainings are combined with sport specific excersises, so the training routines can be used not only during pre-league period but aslo can be built into everyday training routines of the athletes and team sport players.


Speed is the most important skill that can make an average athlete good or a good athlete even better. Up to a certain percentage, speed is determined by genes, but we can improve the different components of our speed skill, and this way we can achieve a higher, faster performance. In order to be able to improve our skills, it is very important to provide our athletes with a variety of very different exercises. This way, trainings can be challenging, motivating and a lot more effective.

As for improving speed, with our program you can work separately on the following areas of speed factors:

* Quickness and starting ability
* Acceleration
* Speed endurance
* Stride length
* Stride rate These are all the factors that you need to improve to be able to gain a better speed performance.


Anyone seeking to improve his fitness level needs to realize that only strength and endurance trainings are not enough to achieve the desired training outcomes. We also have to train our body to work precisely and protectively, to avoid injuries.

Coordination trainings can improve response times, enable us to perform complicated movements under certain time limits, and it also helps stabilizing the spine and joints.

Working on coordination skills is helping you to learn and perform new and unknown movements quicker, and it also improves your decision-making abilities, which is one of the key factors not only in sports but generally in our lives. In all sports athletes have to cope with different training and competition situations, they have to be ready and able to solve the "unexpected". Good coordination skills enable your muscles to work in harmony in motion.

It is an undisputable fact that rope-skipping is one of the most efficient sports to improve coordination, and other components of physical fitness. When you jump rope you immediately have to coordinate the movements of your feet and hands, which greatly improves your sense of rhythm, and of course your balance. As soon as you are able to perform simple skipping, there are plenty of other ways to continue, to change the direction, speed of the rope, change the position of your body while jumping, alternation feet, position of arms and legs… etc. Rope skipping offers very different and effective ways to master coordination, balance, agility, sense of rhythm and direction. Of course, it can be practiced individually and in teams, which gives us even more possibilities to improve your skills, this way we can also use and improve your creativity.


Endurance comes from repetitions; this is the skill that can always be built. It enables us to last longer, learn proper techniques, fundamentals and help us to recover faster. Endurance training is not only challenging for the body but also for the mind, the crucial moments of most sporting events are coming in the closing stages of the competition for which we have to be ready physically and mentally as well.

With the help of endurance training you can achieve higher exercise tolerance, so you are able to increase the amount and intensity of exercises that you perform. This is very important considering all aspects of the conditioning program especially when you progress on to other types of exercise. Endurance training helps prepare the body for high intensity activity.

The importance of this skill is recognized in a great variety of sports. A lack of endurance can result in technical and tactical errors as the increasing tiredness of an athlete affects his mental alertness, too. With rope skipping, you are not only improving your endurance but also you are performing a high intensity plyometric training, which helps to strengthen the muscles that you use for fast movements. In all sports, athletes and coaches are trying to find different, new ways to improve the quality and atmosphere of endurance practices. By adding rope skipping to your training program, you will experience a very effective, challenging and entertaining way of working on your skills.

It develops power, coordination, control, helps to improve strength endurance and allows athletes and coaches for individual and teamwork. It offers a new way to improve working together, cooperation between team players.

After winning the European Masters‘ Jump Rope Tournament in 2006, setting a World and a European record, Adrienn has decided to turn towards performing arts and spend more time on entertaining the audience with her energetic and fascinating jump rope routine.

Adrienn has been performing her solo skipping act in several sport and corporate events all over the world. She is ready to entertain and energize the public with her presence and amazing jump rope skills. Adrienn also works together with the Hungarian and Czech Jump Rope team, choreographing their performances. At the moment, she is working for Cirque du Soleil as a Promotional Artist for their show called Quidam.

Adrienn has been performing her solo skipping act in various events in the past. Some of her appearances:

  • Miss Universe, Hungary 1999
  • Hilton hotel Budapešť, Allianz Coorporate Meeting 2001
  • Award Ceremony, Congress Centre Budapest 2002
  • Speidel, Germany, Company anniversary Party 2003
  • Gold Coast, Award Ceremony, Australia 2004
  • Best Hungarian Athlete Award Ceremony, 2004, Budapest
  • Sparta, Greece, Mayor farewell 2005
  • Vice Principals of Ontario, Conference, Niagra Falls 2007
  • Women Basketball World Championship 2010, Czech Republic
  • Cirque du Soleil, Wintuk, New York City, 2010
  • Cirque du Soleil, Quidam, North American Tour, 2011
  • Retail Summit, 2012 Prague
  • RSG Sponsor meeting, 2012 Hannover
  • GOP Variete Show, Quebec - 2012 Hannover
  • Cirque du Soleil, Quidam Chicago & Detroit, Special Media Days 2012

Please have a look at her appearances in our media gallery!

For availability and booking, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Cirque du Soleil Returning to Joe Louis Arena: MyFoxDETROIT.com


Adrienn has been working in the fitness industry in the last 5 years, helping others to get into a better shape, as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. She is always ready to share her passion and provide a huge amount of motivation, and encouragement so that eveyone can achieve his or her goals.

Adrienn has been teaching jump rope all over the world. She has been part of a fitness program in Canada, called Jump into Fun and Fitness, introducing professional jump rope trainings to future and already practising Physical Education teachers, athletes, coaches and club managers.

Adrienn is still staying in touch with competitive jump rope, she is inspiring and handing over her jump rope knowledge and professional experience for future rope skippers. She regularly gives workshops to rope skipping clubs, to children and adults, in various parts of the world.

Team Building

As an experienced coach and graduated Physical Education and English teacher, Adrienn has been working with several companies, providing an excellent opportunity for their employees to test their team spirit by bringing back their childhood memories, using jump ropes. She has been giving motivational speeches and jump rope sessions for the students and teachers of University of Bologna, Maribor, Prague and Toronto.


At the moment, Adrienn is located in Prague and she offers jump rope classes for Youth and Adults in several schools and fitness clubs, she also gives private lessons to individuals.

She cooperates with most of the international schools, providing the children with excellent sport and health education. For details, please check our calendar.

If you are interested to enrol your child or yourself for a jump rope lesson, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please have a look at our video gallery to find out more about rope skipping lessons for public.

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